Primary Floor mat

A large double sided floor mat used for multiple games and activities, suitable for up to 11 children. Each floor mat has a space for up to 12 joined Answermats for students to place their answers.

The front side of the mat is divided into a central region for Answermats and an outer border with spaces for children to sit or stand when asked to.

The other side is a 100 square with individual numbers large enough for students to stand on as required during an exercise.


A full set of Numberfit approved equipment, matched to the activities and games offered in all Numberfit packages.

The mega bundle includes:

  • Large foam dice

  • Rubber eggs

  • Clock floor mat and inflatable hour and minute dice

  • Hula hoops

  • Place value dice and counters

  • Bucket stilts

  • Numberfit bibs

  • Interlocking floor tiles

  • Sack race sacks