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Get your class physically active with our competitive, global, inter-school mathematics league. The Mathematics World Series raises attainment, makes learning fun, and provides tailored resources.

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WHAT IS THE Mathematics World Series?

Physically active mathematics competition videos with mindfulness.

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Discover how the Mathematics World Series evolved into an award-winning programme.

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27th September–22nd October 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mathematics World Series is aimed at children aged 7-11, KS2: years 3-6, to compete from their classroom.

Students take part in 5 30-minute sessions across the year. They compete with pre-recorded classes on screen as well as with classes internationally. 

See subscription page here.

Yes, you can try round one for free here.

Yes, you can download questions at different attainment levels for the children in your class.

Each session runs for roughly 30-45 minutes.

Each session starts with a warm up, where students practise key concepts such as times tables. This is followed by an activity using topic based worksheets, and ending with mindfulness. Sessions are led by the Numberfit facilitator over your screen and are physically active and fun.

Teachers are responsible for behaviour and safety in their classrooms. All other teacher input, such as entering scores, will be prompted by the presenter who runs all activities through the video.

The Mathematics World Series is GDPR compliant and no details or images/videos of your students are required.

Yes, this has been run and tested in many small classrooms, and no additional space is required. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your specific classroom space.

You can participate in the Mathematics World Series using an interactive white board or projector found in most classrooms.

Schools in England can use sports premium or catch up funding. If you would like to join the Mathematics World Series but cannot afford it please contact us. 

Compete with your class

It provides the opportunity to learn in school, to engage with other schools and be part of a bigger network of learners.
It was really simple to implement in my class and fits in perfectly with my planning. As all the resources are sent to me it saves so much time.
I don't like maths normally but this made maths more fun
The children in my class who were working far below have so much more confidence from competing, working in a team and winning
Seeing the other classes on the smartboard makes me want to do better and go faster so we can win!
As a teacher it’s great being able to challenge other classes and my kids love it when they win.

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