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“The service provided by Numberprep is excellent. They were very helpful and flexible in setting up sessions and my daughter’s A level Maths has really come on since starting lessons with her tutor.”
– Sarah F. – Parent

Experienced Tutors

Numberprep has been supporting parents and students with quality maths and science help for over 15 years. Our tutors are experts in their field who have completed our tuition training.

Achieve their potential

Whether that be improved exam grades, confidence or enjoyment. We have experience helping students of all abilities.

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We’re here to support students by providing help in maths, biology, chemistry, physics and more and offer multiple tuition types including face to face and online lessons.

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What our students and parents think

"We would like to thank all who have worked with her, she has made significant progress and her confidence has improved"
"My Son loves his sessions with you - it’s still the highlight of his week!"
"My son was ecstatic when he achieved a 9 in his maths GCSE, the tuition made all the difference to his attitude to maths."
"My daughter's tutor prepares for lessons very well and is very exam focused. Her feedback is constructive and her homework is strategically planned to focus on examinable topics."
"It's lovely to see how my daughter has progressed this term and her confidence in Maths has certainly improved - her teacher even commented on this in her school report!"


We focus on maths and science (biology, chemistry and physics) and have tutors suitable for all age levels (Primary to A Level and further). We can also cover some other subjects so get in touch to let us know what you need’ with get in touch linked to below contact section.

Our tutors are experienced in teaching maths and science at all levels including: Primary (KS1 & KS2), Secondary (KS3, GCSE and A level) and preparation for university entrance exams.

Our tuition centre is located opposite the train station in Amersham. We regularly work with students from schools across South Buckinghamshire including Chesham, Beaconsfield, the Chalfonts, Gerrards Cross and more.

We also provide online tuition which is suitable for students from any location.

Our private tuition includes online and face-to-face tuition from our centre in Amersham. We offer 1-1 support as well as small group sessions. As exams approach we provide GCSE and A Level revision courses.

We work hard to ensure our students achieve the fullest of their potential. The majority of our students are working towards achieving high grades in their exams and we make certain they have the tools to do this. For our GCSE and A-Level students we split the terms to focus in Autumn on 75% content and 25% exam, in spring 55% content and 45% exam, and in Summer term 30% content and 70% exam prep.

We have a range of tutors including current maths and science A-level students, current university students studying a variety of maths and science-based courses at top Russel Group unis, and graduate tutors including those with master’s and PHD qualifications.

Our tutors are predominantly not qualified teachers, but do all go through our training process and have a wealth of experience in working with students at different levels.
We usually set homework weekly for all our students unless parents ask for this not to be the case. Our tutors will then mark the homework and discuss any issues with the student in the following session.

For our older students, we set weekly past papers in the lead-up to exams to ensure they have perfected their exam technique and can achieve their best grades.
We will send you termly progress reports to let you know what your child has been covering, any areas of improvement we are focusing on and all homework and exam paper marks they have achieved.

We will also contact you immediately if we have any concerns about your child or their work.

Your feedback is incredibly important to us and we will check in with you and your child regularly to ensure you are happy with the quality of tuition provided and the progress being made.

We typically provide sessions in blocks of 1 hour with most students coming for 1-2 hours per week of help.

We have extensive experience in working with students with a variety of special education needs. Please get in touch if you have any specific requirements to discuss.



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