The FREE comprehensive, physically-active, story-based numeracy programme that follows the EYFS for 3-5 year olds.

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3-5s Active Learning

WELCOME TO Numbertots

Get your little ones up and moving with our interactive numeracy adventures and make them hungry to learn.

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WHAT IS Numbertots?

Story based, physically active, early years educational resources.
  • Video sessions covering maths topics from the EYFS framework
  • Activity books containing daily challenges and puzzles 
  • These resources combine story, movement  and mindfulness to instil a love of learning and bring numeracy to life 
  • A programme that builds confidence and communication skills


Discover how Numbertots evolved from our founder’s childhood experiences.

GO FURTHER WITH Numbertots Core AND Numbertots Complete

Unlock the world of Numberbugs with Numbertots Core 

  • Access 10 different video sessions and activity booklets
  • New stories, games and topics 

Everything to prepare your learners: Numbertots Complete

  • A Numbertots active adventure kit
  • Even more games and activities 

All physically active learning resources can be sports premium funded. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Numbertots is aimed at children aged 3-5 (Early Years) but can also be used with younger children to help provide a head start.

No, we believe every child deserves the opportunity to engage with learning and mathematics therefore Numbertots Foundation is available completely free. 

You can however upgrade to a paid subscription. 

Each session is a stand alone active learning adventure teaching a different topic from the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. You can play along to the video, with the additional topic resources, then complete the topic based activity book to reinforce the learning.

Each video runs for approximately 15-20 minutes but you can pause as often as you like. 

As many as you like. If you are playing along with the Numbertots kit there are resources for up to 8 players.

No, no equipment is required.

You can however use the Numbertots resources alongside a Numbertots Kit; an interactive resource that increases the activity levels of the session.

Join the Numberbugs on their adventure
He loves the Numberbug characters! He’s always telling me about their stories and I think they have really helped him engage.
My favourite part of Numbertots is the running and the stories.
We’ve really enjoyed the games on the Numbertots kit. I try my best but he still beats me, which he finds hilarious!
I LOVE Numbertots!
She really benefits from Numbertots being so active, she has so much energy and this helps her to keep focused on learning and have fun at the same time.