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Pre-School Equipment


Running a numberfit session in your pre-school

Numberfit sessions are designed to be run for 8 children per adult and to be a lot of fun. When you run a numberfit session we will provide you with everything you need to introduce your children to the world of mathematics. This includes a 2 x 2.75 m Numbermat, 2 Answermats, a complete set of cards to fit into the Answermat and an audio recording of that months story.

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Pre-School AnswerMat

A flexible plastic mat with pockets for 12 Question cards and 1 A3 or 2 A4 answer sheets. Learners match questions to the answers visible through the plastic. Once they have filled all of them in, the answers sheets are removed and the backs of the question cards will complete an image.

Using the image on the back to check the students success rate dramatically reduces marking time, but still allows for teachers to see where students are making mistakes and what areas they need to focus on.

48 cm x 35.5 cm

Pre-School Numbermat

A large double sided floor mat for used for multiple individual activities and also has a space for up to 12 (3 x 4) joined Answermats for learners to place their answers.

Front side is divided into a central region for Answermats and an outer border with spaces for learners to sit.

Back side is a 100 square with individual numbers large enough for learners to stand on.

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