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What is Numberfit:

  • A physically active and engaging mathematics programme for schools. Maths as a team sport.

  • Active classroom consultancy services from a team with 10 years of experience.

  • Funded by government’s Sports Premium.

  • Lesson plans inline with the National Curriculum including differentiated resources, games and activities.

Competition and Collaboration

  • Web cam and face-to-face collaborative and competitive learning.

  • Maths competitions that are accessible giving all children the opportunity to win at maths.

  • Leaderboard to allow participants to see their points, badges and rewards.

Teacher support

  • Platform provides all resources posted to your school - No planning.

  • Answermat – Visual Marking System collects all evidence on student progression whilst saving up to 5 hours marking per week.

  • Continuing Professional Development for teachers to deliver physically active and immersive lessons.

  • Analytics for teachers to see and evidence progression.

  • Answermats can be used individually or attached to form a team resource.


  • Teams perform positive maths based affirmations .

  • Reinforces positive attitudes and opinions about mathematics.

  • Resource for learning mathematics terminology and techniques.

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Intra and Interschool League

Interschool League

Your Mathletes may be the best in the school, but are they the best in the UK?

Alongside competing against all the other children in their own school, each team is also competing nationally against every other team of Mathletes in the country. All scores are also collected into a National Leaderboard (shown above).

At the end of the academic year, the highest scoring teams will be invited to participate in a face-to-face Numberfit grand final.

Intraschool League

Teams compete for points which are tallied up to determine the winners of that session. As each group uses differentiated material suited to their age and ability levels, there is a level playing field and all teams are ranked on the same leaderboard. This allows the whole school to compete.

The Intraschool Leaderboard can then be displayed on the school website for all participating Mathletes to see.


How will your school get Numberfit?

We offer multiple packages to best suit the needs of your school.
These range from having direct access to our downloadable resources to run the Numberfit sessions, to competing against other schools across the country to see who is the most Numberfit. Below is a breakdown of the available options.





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Free Trial

A digital copy of all of the resources needed for one session and an invitation to compete in one Numberfit league session vs. another school.

The resources include physically active warm ups, full lesson planning and games designed to make your classroom physically active, all following a topic from the National Curriculum for maths and including differentiated material for a mix of ability levels.

Resources are available globally whilst access to the league is currently only available in the United Kingdom.

To try out Numberfit for yourself, click the button below and get in touch.

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