A global learning and wellbeing competition for teachers and parents of 3-5 year olds with free resources and prizes to make numeracy fun and embed the new EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).
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Numbertots Foundations – Free

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Included in this subscription:

  • Access to each year group’s educational topic videos for teachers and pupils’ parents
  • Access to each year group’s topic worksheets for teachers and pupils’ parents

Simply print the worksheets or copy the questions from the videos into workbooks as you go. Play the videos and bring active learning to your classroom, alternatively set for homework or home learning.

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More Details
Numbertots Challenge resources are physically-active, story-based numeracy sessions with mindfulness, that follow the EYFS. These:
  1. Cover numeracy topics in line with the EYFS including number, shape, colour, weight, size, position, distance, capacity, sequences and more.
  2. Include video adventures with the Numberbugs as well as daily challenges, puzzles and much more!

Access all Numbertots resources for free between June 27th – July 1 and compete for your pre-school to win:

  1. One year’s Numbertots Complete access, a physical kit for your setting, and the Numbertots Challenge trophy by participating in the most session videos.
  2. One year’s Numbertots access without a kit and a Numberbug Hoodie, by bringing to life a Numberbug with arts and crafts that gets the most likes or shares.
  3. £100 by sending the most competition invites to parents and other schools or pre-schools.

See below more details on what is included in Numbertots foundations and what is available if you upgrade your subscription. 

The Numbertots Foundations Active Learning Programme covers Number, Shape and Colour in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework for 3 – 5 year olds. 

  • Each Numbertots video centres around a topic from the EYFS framework. Number 1-5, shape and colour are available for free with other topics included if you upgrade your subscription.
  • The videos are led by the presenter and include an active warm-up of running around with actions to copy, followed by an educational story centred around the Numberbug characters, answering questions, and recognising objects on the floor mat. The videos end with a review of what has been covered and mindfulness.

Activity books are provided which can be completed with the children or provided for them to complete at home. For each session these include a summary of the topic, a week's worth of daily topic and physical challenges ,as well as two puzzles and a challenge question for parents.

Accompanying the videos and activity books, is the multi purpose active adventure kit. 

Included in your Numbertots kit:    

  • Floor mat  A 2 m wide floor mat suitable for up to 8 players covering each topic for your Numbertots to explore. Lead your Numbertots in a variety of educational games and activities to help them with numeracy, coordination and communication.
  • Stickers  There are 8 stickers for each topic to give your Numbertots once they have completed it. 
  • Heavy light bags Small drawstring bags used for the weight topic. You should put heavy objects into half of the bags and light objects in the other half for your Numbertots to then hold and tell you which is heavy and which is light.  

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