1. Training

    To be completed before Sept 15th
    Read Numberleague introduction 10 min
    Watch introductory video 5 min

    Watch our video explaining the Answermats:

    We plan to have a zoom call with two main goals:
    Having a conversation and discuss any doubts you may have
    Helping you familiarize with zoom, the tool we use to run the competition sessions

    Please choose which date is more convenient for you:

  2. Setting up

    To be completed before Sept 15 th
    Introduce my class and team names 5 min
    Configure ability levels 10 min
    Team Numberraps 15 min

  3. Preparation session

    Coming soon
  4. League session

    Coming soon
  5. Preparation session

    Coming soon
  6. League session

    Coming soon
  7. Face to face session

    More info about the face to face session coming soon
  8. Final survey

    We would love to receive your feedback at any time. A final survey will be available at the end of the competition.