Mathematics World Cup June 2021 Leaderboard

PositionCountrySchoolAge GroupClassTeamScore
1United KingdomSquirrels Heath Junior School8-9 years4 WillowThe Green Dream Team970
2EnglandSt Joseph's primary school7-8 yearsClass 3Rich legends960
3United KingdomHoly Trinity CofE Primary School7-8 years3HThe Winners926.67
4United KingdomHeptonstall School10-11 yearsClass 4Mrs Cs Year 6926
5United KingdomTranmere Park Primary School10-11 yearsKingfichersThe Nameless922
6United KingdomSt Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School8-9 yearsSt Margaret Maths Champs917.5
7AustraliaSale Primary School7-8 yearsMWRed906
8United KingdomUpton7-8 years3SBlue Raindrops901
9EnglandSt Josephs7-8 years2Red Lava885
10EnglandHamilton Academy9-10 yearsMrs Armaghan'sGenius Jellies876.45
11New ZealandEastern Hutt School7-8 yearsE3Blue Bunnies856
12United KingdomByron Court7-8 years3MMThe Mathematics Masters841
13AustraliaSale Primary School8-9 yearsMHThe smart team831
14United KingdomSS Peter and Paul Primary School7-8 yearsSt MarieThe Winners805
15EnglandInmans Primary School7-8 years3AThe Rockers782
16United KingdomWeald Rise Primary School7-8 years3 ButternutCalculating Crocodiles775
17EnglandSquirrels Heath Junior8-9 yearsPalmGreen775
18United KingdomGrazeley Primary School9-10 yearsSycamore ClassRuthless Red Racoons756
19EnglandCoston Primary School10-11 yearsEaglesRed756
20CanadaSea View Elementary9-11 year olds (grade 4-7 class)DeaneSlugs756
35CanadaKingsclear Consolidated 10-11 years4-5MHungry Hippos681
36EnglandSt James C of E Primary & Nursery School7-8 yearsFoxesTimes680
37AustraliaMount Pritchard Public School9-10 years5/6LBig Brains677.4285714285714