Help your 5-11 year olds practice different mathematics topics in the racetrack style worksheets with physical activity, times tables and mindfulness.  


Develop a basic level of mathematical fluency with the free beginner resources

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Included in this subscription:

  • Access to each year group’s educational topic videos for teachers and pupils’ parents
  • Access to each year group’s topic worksheets for teachers and pupils’ parents

Simply print the worksheets or copy the questions from the videos into workbooks as you go. Play the videos and bring active learning to your classroom, alternatively set for homework or home learning.

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Access to 60 beginner level worksheets for 6 age groups (5-11 year olds) covering the topics: 

  1. Addition
  2. Subtraction
  3. Multiplication
  4. Division
  5. Place Value 
  6. Decimals
  7. Fractions
  8. Length
  9. Time
  10. Statistics

and more 


All questions were created in line with the National Curriculum for England and the Maths Mastery approach

See below more details on what is included and the other worksheet resources available if you upgrade your subscription.

Worksheet details

Each worksheet contains 6 questions on a mathematics topic interspersed along a racetrack with 6 physical activities to complete on the spot while practising a times table and ending with mindfulness

Numbertracks foundation worksheets are available with a free account