The Times Table Circuits floor mat is a vibrant educational tool which enhances the training experience. Aimed at children aged 5–14 this product can aid in learning a vital life skill.

Times Table Floor Mat


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Included in this subscription:

  • Access to each year group’s educational topic videos for teachers and pupils’ parents
  • Access to each year group’s topic worksheets for teachers and pupils’ parents

Simply print the worksheets or copy the questions from the videos into workbooks as you go. Play the videos and bring active learning to your classroom, alternatively set for homework or home learning.

Interested in Lesson Laps? Why not try the Numbertracks package deal including Lesson Laps and much more for your pupils.

For more information, visit Lesson Laps.

  Product Details

A 1.5 m x 2 m PVC floor mat for 2 players that can be used alongside the video subscription to play active 100 square games and increase the activity levels of the session.


The mat includes a starting point for each, a track to use and a 100 square which can be used alongside the videos to play 100 square games.  

Lay out on the floor and play the video to begin the high energy times table workout.

For more information, visit Times Table Circuits.

  Accompanying Videos

Use the floor mat with:
  • Times Table Circuits: Free video sessions providing a base level of fluency in 2x-12x tables.
  • Times Table Core: A subscription of video sessions  with two difficulty levels provided to further learning
  • Times Table Mastery: A subscription of video sessions to help learners master their times tables with three difficulty levels provided.

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