Provide a base level of 2x–12x times table fluency at school or home. Ideal for children aged 5–14 years to learn, get active and practise mindfulness
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Included in this subscription:

  • Access to each year group’s educational topic videos for teachers and pupils’ parents
  • Access to each year group’s topic worksheets for teachers and pupils’ parents

Simply print the worksheets or copy the questions from the videos into workbooks as you go. Play the videos and bring active learning to your classroom, alternatively set for homework or home learning.

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  Product Details


  1. Access to beginner level Times Table Circuit videos 
  2. Access to beginner level  assessment worksheets 

Videos can be used either in the classroom or at home. The presenter leads children through a warm-up, musical circuit and mindfulness. Children should be stood throughout, perform the exercises with the presenter and shout out the answers. 


There are two versions of each video:

  1. Requires no floor mat and is ideal for the classroom as all physical activity is done on the spot.
  2. A version that uses the Numberfit floor mat and includes an extra activity. This can be used by children at home who own a mat or as an intervention tool with 1 to 2 children at a time.

The floor mat is not included in the subscription and is not a requirement for use in schools or at home.

Times Table Circuit assessments are PDFs you can download and print each containing 26 questions to be completed by your pupils. 


Pupils should all start with the beginner assessment before watching any videos, once they can achieve 26/26 in under 3 minutes 30 seconds then they are ready to progress to the next level. 

For more information, visit Times Table Circuits.

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