FREE physically active 2x to 12x table video sessions, with mindfulness.

Helping you assess learners and provide a base level of times table fluency at school or home.


Sessions to support parents and teachers deliver great times table lessons with physical activity and mindfulness.



FREE video circuit training sessions, requiring minimal space, to aid learners in their times tables 2–12.


Move beyond a base level of fluency with Times Table Mastery

  • Access to all levels including intermediate and advanced level resources
  • a faster pace, new activities and harder questions including division
  • All subscriptions include two versions of each video to be played with or without a floor mat.
  • Use the floor mat to increase activity levels and engagement, ideal for playing at home or with intervention groups.

All physically active learning resources can be sports premium funded. 

Sports Premium

Sports Premium

Sports Premium

Government funding for English schools aimed to encourage pupils in regular physical activity.

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Catch-up Funding

Catch-up Funding


Government funding for English schools focussed on helping students who have fallen behind due to COVID-19.

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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

Government funding for English schools that focusses on improving outcomes for disadvantaged students.

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‘Love this concept!’
Noreen, Teacher in Ireland
‘Everything was great, exercises were simple to do without moving furniture and everyone joined in.’
Simon, Teacher in England
‘Amazing resources! I will be using these as a way of assessing the children.’
Marcela, Teacher in England
‘The Times Table Circuits were great for gaps in the day where children could practice.’
Daniel, Teacher in England
‘My class of year 3 and year 4 pupils loved learning their tables and being active at the same time.’
Simon, Teacher in England

Start training your Times Tables

Frequently Asked Questions

Times Table Circuits are aimed at teachers and parents of 5-14 year olds who want to incorporate learning with physical and mental wellbeing, and would like a tool for teaching and assessment.

Access to Beginner Times Table Circuit videos and assessment worksheets.

Each Times Table Circuit video is approximately 10 minutes long. You may want to spend an additional 5 minutes completing the assessments before watching the video.

No, Numberfit believes that ALL children should be able to access resources to help them grasp this key skill, therefore Times Table Circuits are available completely FREE.

If you would like to help your learners master times tables with more resources you can upgrade your subscription here.

As often as you like, for suggestions as to how other teachers use the resources please see the training plans designed for engagement, impact and more.

Yes, videos are designed for use in the classroom, you just need a smartboard or screen to display the video. Children are expected to be standing and move on the spot, this can be behind their desks with chairs tucked in.

Everything you need is provided in the subscription, you just need a screen to display the videos. You can also use a floor mat to increase activity levels and engagement, ideal for playing at home or with intervention groups.

There are three session levels available, as the level increases so does the pace, question difficulty and exercise difficulty.
  • Beginner: All answers are given. A slow pace of questions asked in order with simple exercises.
  • Intermediate: Answers are not provided. A medium pace of questions asked in a mixed order with some more challenging exercises.
  • Advanced: Answers are not provided. A fast pace with answers expected immediately, a mixed question order including division and the most challenging exercises.
Learners can participate alone, in groups, or in their class at school. Everyone will need to see the screen and have space to move on the spot, such as when standing behind their desks.
Times Table Circuits have been designed and tested in the smallest of classrooms. Students just need space to move on the spot, such as when standing behind their desks.

First use the assessments with your learners, start with the beginner assessment before watching any videos, once they can achieve 26/26 in under 3 minutes 30 seconds then they are ready to progress to the next level.