The countdown to bring glory to your school has begun.

The inaugural Mathematics World Cup 2021

Welcome to the first ever physically active mathematics competition for schools around the world. Delivered with the aim of improving children’s wellbeing and raising the profile of mathematics.
Compete in the free Mathematics World Cup with your class.


  • Why: To bring glory to your school, winners earn educational resources and The Mathematics World Cup.
  • Who: Every class of 7–11 year olds around the world.
  • When: June 14–18th 2021.
  • Where: Your classroom.


  • Physically active learning and mindfulness for children’s wellbeing.
  • A connected learning experience shared with other classes.
  • Improved engagement with mathematics from your class. 
  • A chance for your class to win active and engaging educational resources. 

What's included?

  • The competition video where your class competes with pre-recorded classes in physically active games and mindfulness, all explained by the Numberfit presenter. 
  • A scoring interface to track your progress through the competition.
  • Individual resources for each child at attainment levels of your choosing. 
  • The international leader board comprised of scores from your class alongside all the other schools around the world.

1. Watch our introduction to the Numberleague Free Trial

The video will provide you with an overview of the preparation needed to get started and will explain how the session works.

2. Look at the checklist and tick off as you go

Download the checklist so you’ve got it to hand as you prepare to take part in the free trial.

Please remember to follow your school’s social distancing policy when setting up your classroom for the Numberleague session and leave at least one meter between each player. Allow enough space for players to stand, move on the spot and see the smartboard. To see Numberfit’s Covid-19 policy, click here >

3. Download questions and answers for each of your three teams

Divide your class into three teams that are approximately the same size. Our question sheets cater for three different ability levels so to save on preparation time, we suggest having one team at, one team below and one team above the National Curriculum level. If you’d prefer to have mixed teams, please ensure that each child receives the relevant set of questions for their ability. Each team will need to create an imaginative team name that stands out on the scoreboard!


4. Set up each player’s table with a pen or pencil and a questionsheet

Players must have at least one meter between them and be using their individual questionsheet and stationery. 

If you subscribe to Numberleague, all the resources you need for each child can be customised to their ability and will be delivered directly to you which reduces the preparation time. In addition to this, you will also receive Answermats that enable you to visually mark instantly. In line with government advice on Covid-19, everything delivered will be brand new and unused.

5. To begin, press the START button when the session becomes live

Before you get going with your Numberleague session, remember to check the sound and video is working. You will see a countdown on the screen opposite until the next live session at which point you will be able to press the START button to begin.

During the session, teacher instructions will appear on the screen to explain what you need to be doing and a bell noise will sound when this prompt changes.You will also be instructed to add their score into the scoreboard as the class plays

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