Mathematics World Cup

with movement and mindfulness for schools

Global mathematics competition with physical activity and mindfulness.

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Fun learning
and wellbeing

Combine mathematics, physical activity and mindfulness in a fun competition.

Delivered for you

An easy-to-use video and scoring interface, delivered for you. Just press play and watch them learn.

done differently

What if every test could be an adventure that your students loved?

Inspire learning



1. Print

differentiated worksheets, one per student

2. Play

the 30 minute competition video, entering scores when instructed

3. Have fun

and bring glory to your school



Competition Video

  • 30 minute video delivered for you by the presenter on screen
  • See pre-recorded classes playing as if live
  • Embedded with our custom scoring interface
  • Includes two physically active maths games


  • Differentiated so each student can have work appropriate for them
  • Download and print ahead of competing


  • Bring the glory to your classroom, school and country with a top score
  • Win the World Cup trophy and a free subscription to the Mathematics World Series
  • Participation certificates for every student


Is included throughout with times tables, on screen questions and worksheets


Is included throughout, children should be stood behind their desks and copy the presenter’s actions


Is included to help children become centred and calm after the competition


Will you be bringing home the trophy?


Squirrels Heath Junior School
Corby Glen Community Primary School
Hope Lutheran Christian School


Students take part in a 30-minute video session that contains mathematics activities with on the spot physical activity. They compete with pre-recorded classes on screen as well as with classes internationally.

All mainstream classes of 7–11-year-olds can take part. If you have students with specific learning needs or physical disabilities, please get in touch and we will let you know how your students can be part of the World Cup.

No, the World Cup is completely free. If you wish to continue to the next round and participate in the Mathematics World Series with your class, your school can purchase a subscription here.

Yes, you can download question worksheets at different attainment levels for the children in your class.

It’s a 30-minute pre-recorded video but takes approximately 45 minutes to run through with a class.
A preview of the video session is available once you have registered.
You will simply need to print the worksheets, play the video and monitor behaviour in your classroom. Any other teacher input will be prompted by the presenter in the video.

Yes, this has been run and tested in many small classrooms, and no additional space is required. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your specific classroom space.

No, we do not collect personally identifiable information on children in the Mathematics World Cup.

Do not use Internet Explorer to view pages. The functionality works best with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.


To explore maths with a less formal approach, which is accessible to all students. To create fun maths experience for the students so they develop a sound love for maths, that hopefully continues throughout their educational journey.
— Z. Dalton, England
An opportunity to compete with classes around the world! Most of my students have never left our small town. To see classes around the world would be life-changing for them. As their teacher, I am very excited to get students an opportunity to see that math can be fun!
— E. Vieyra, United States
The challenge of working out the answers and how we compare to other classes/schools.
— S. Stuart, South Africa
To experience math with other students from around the world.
— R.Oborn , Kenya
We are looking forward to getting active with maths! We love digital learning and this opportunity combines both!
— P. Britton, Ireland
We are very keen to compete against a host of schools internationally. It would be great if we won in the end too!
— A. Mirza, England
We are excited to practice our maths skills in a new and fun way and compete with other boys and girls around the world.
— K. Hawley, Scotland
We are excited to apply math skills while being physically active and mindful! We are also excited to be inspired and connect with classrooms all over the world.
— S. Hersh, Canada
We are excited about being able to take part and getting to compare our maths skills with other schools. We love maths and want to share our enthusiasm as much as we can.
— J. Rankin, Northern Ireland
For everyone to be excited and inspired by maths and linking it to their interests.
— W. Jones, England
We are excited about competing against other schools in other countries and we like the look of the physical and mental well-being activities that run alongside the Maths.
— J. Ascroft, England
We are excited to be Mathematical Warriors and represent Australia in mathematical competition! We are excited by the physical activities and we all love our mindfulness activities and would love to learn some new ones.
— S. Fisher, Australia

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