Lesson Laps

5-11s Active Lessons

5-11s Active Lessons

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Lesson Laps are videos covering all key  maths topics in line with the English National Curriculum for 5-11 year olds with movement and mindfulness. These lessons can be delivered both in a classroom or at home and are delivered with vibrant board game designs and bonus quizzes to engage all learners.

Lesson Laps is still undergoing beta testing 

Our worksheets are ready. Our videos are currently going through our product testing cycle. 

Any feedback is much appreciated, email us at team@numberfit.com 

WELCOME TO Lesson Laps

Videos to support parents and teachers deliver engaging maths lessons with physical activity and mindfulness.

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WHAT ARE Lesson Laps?

Video resources to inspire a love of maths in every child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lesson Laps are aimed at children aged 5-11
KS1: years 1-2
KS2: years 3-6
to complete in their classroom or be set as home learning.
For your own Lesson Laps subscription, see the shop page here.
Alternatively, purchase the Numbertracks package, which includes Times Table Circuits and Lesson Laps for a reduced price. See the shop page here.
Access to Lesson laps videos and question worksheets for teachers and pupils’ parents.
You can either print the worksheets for your class or have them copy the questions into their workbooks that are shown on screen during the video. Simply pause the video to give them time to copy and complete the questions.
Lesson Laps can be completed by as many children at a time as you have space for. They simply need to be able to see the screen and have space to move on the spot, such as when standing behind their desk.
Each Lesson Laps video is approximately 15-20 minutes long.
Everything you need is provided in the subscription, you just need a screen to display the videos.
Yes videos are designed for use in the classroom, you just need a smartboard or screen to display the video. Children are expected to be standing and move on the spot, this can be behind their desks with chairs tucked in.

Get started with Lesson Laps

‘The Lesson Laps were great for keeping children on task, with the learn, write, active cycle’
Daniel, Teacher in England
‘The combination of exercising, stopping, doing a mental calculation and then some more physical activities worked really well for us!’
Marcela, Teacher in England
‘I thought the format was great, my daughter absolutely loved the interactivity and exercise and thought it was great fun.’
Lyn, Parent in England
‘They had short but necessary brain breaks, kept the children engaged and provided a good balance of activity, rest and challenge.’
Rebecca, Teacher in England
‘Lesson Laps were fun and very different to other resources we use in school.’
Louise, Teacher in Wales
‘Lesson Laps were fantastic for year 6 revision of particular topics.’
Harriet, Teacher in England