Lesson Laps

5-11s Active Lessons

Lesson Laps are video maths lessons covering all key National Curriculum topics for 5-11 year olds. These lessons can either be delivered in a classroom or at home. They combine maths, movement and mindfulness and are delivered with vibrant designs and bonus quizzes to engage all learners.

Welcome to Lesson Laps

  • Our lessons support teachers and parents with busy workloads and deliver great lessons for learners.
  • Sessions include physical activity and mindfulness for each child’s holistic wellbeing and development.
  • Lessons include practice questions for all learning levels.

Enhance the Fun

  • Resources include worksheets that can be completed at home or in the classroom for all learning levels.
  • Lesson Laps are the perfect complement to Times Table Circuits.

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He loves numberfit, he’s really engaged especially with the competitive side. The activities are new fresh ideas for him so he really enjoys it.
The Numberleague provides the opportunity to learn in school, to engage with other schools and be part of a bigger network of learners.
Numberfit is my favourite thing to do, I love playing with my brother. I’m better at maths than him but he’s faster than me.
The Numberleague was really simple to implement in my class and fits in perfectly with my planning. As all the resources are sent to me it saves so much time.
Numberleague has helped her with her maths a lot, she really enjoys the physical aspect, she has so much energy!
I don't like maths normally but this made maths more fun.
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